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Matthew Florianz: Niemandsland

Track List

1 snoei    
2 herfst  
3 spiegel  
4 storm  
5 verwaald  
6 niemandsland  
7 thuis  

More About This CD

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H/S Recordings celebrate their 5th Anniversary with the simultaneous release of Matthew Florianzís new album Niemandsland and the re-release of his critically acclaimed GrijsGebied.

Niemandsland marks Florianz's eleventh release and is an almost continuous piece of music. He started writing material for it in 2003 but couldn't figure out how to put the different ideas and approaches into an album. Matthew; "I didn't want to make an album of tracks and every attempt at making this work ended up as a plethora of singular ideas and approaches. It would never quite gel as a whole."

The breakthrough came when Matthew added environmental sounds to his recording.

Matthew: "I have been asked what this album is about and what the title means. I'm reluctant to give an answer to that, partially because I don't know for sure myself. Partially because I don't want to colour people's imagination when they listen to this album. I can say that the events since the release of GrijsGebied and what has been going on in the Netherlands and the larger world surrounding it, have been a strong influence for the initial ideas inspiring Niemandsland."

With a production time of well over two years, over 6 hours of music was written. Most of it didn't fit the final approach Niemandsland has taken. Some of it appears in abbreviated or even snippet form and some will find a home on a special edition box-set. Collaged by Darren Scott into four suites, the album is part of a limited edition release of Niemandsland. The release also contains an album of previously unreleased music written by Matthew Florianz between 1995 and 2001.