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Or Lost (with limited edition photo cards)

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Max Würden: Or Lost (with limited edition photo cards)


Artist: Max Würden
Label: FARFIELD Records
Genres: downloadable | ambient | electronica

Track List

1 Finding  
2 The  
3 Perfect Moment    
4 Is    
5 It  
6 A Dream    
7 Fulfilled  
8 Or lost  

More About This CD

Or Lost is the sequel (and anagram!) of his previous relase on our label (Ortlos). This release comes with 7 limited edition photo cards taken at the locations of the field recordings used in the album. The download version is 320kbps MP3.

A dream fulfilled or lost? On his new ambient album OR LOST, Max Würden explores what happens when you find the perfect moment. During its eight tracks you can join him on his quest and are invited to ask the question yourself.

He works with many diverse samples – from atmospheric field recordings (collected, among other places, in Cologne and Italy) to unusual instruments (like the hang drum or a parasol stand) to create moody, vast soundscapes and complex rhythms alike.

Accordingly, OR LOST began with a search for the perfect samples. Würden used a contact microphone to discover the world of sounds hidden in an old hard drive and reinterpret the well-known clang of a porcelain bowl. Even though he recorded it all digitally, it was very much an analog process. As a result, OR LOST manages to sound profoundly different and strangely familiar at the same time. It’s darkly mysterious in one moment, like a deep rumble in the far distance, only to become powerfully intensive the very next.

He worked together with the author Thorsten Nesch (Rowohlt) to find the right song titles.